About me

Hi! I am a technical advisor at the National Research Council of Canada. My main responsibility is to help researchers migrate their high-performance computing workloads to the cloud, using either traditional approaches or cloud native tools.

I’ve also acted as a managed service provider to support the research functions of the NRC by using both on-premise infrastructure and cloud infrastructure as the backend. For instance, I have leveraged S3 to backup protected research data sets.

As part of our group’s mandate, I help maintain our secure AWS and Azure cloud infrastructure, by providing foundational services such as SMTP, and mirroring of Linux/Python packages.

I have research experience in quantum electrodynamics, high-power lasers, and optical microcavities. I have deployed high-performance computing scientific applications on multiple large computational clusters. I have mostly worked with MPI, but I have done some OpenMP as well. See my publications list for details.