iPod touch Gets a Taste of What It Is to be an iPad

Joey Dumont bio photo By Joey Dumont Comment
 [iOS 4.x] If you’re the owner of a jailbroken iPod touch and wanted your screen to rotate just like the iPad can, SBRotator 4.x does just that. The application, available through Cydia, has launched today.
SBRotator in Cydia App Store
It rotates your SpringBoard in any orientation you want. The icons are tightly packed together, but the UI remains highly usable.
Packed together icons

It is a rather small tweak, but it's neat to have the option. Just seeing the long list of applications you have running is helpful.
It seems to be available as a commercial package, even though I downloaded it free of charge. For more information, see the package on Cydia or ModMyi.

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