Issues with Linux and HP printers

Joey Dumont bio photo By Joey Dumont Comment
   Since I have access to a new printer, I (of course) had issues with it. As I tried different kinds of connection with CUPS (ipp://, ipps://, http://, socket://) and different drivers (hpijs, hpcups), the page would sometimes render blank lines as black strips of ink or print with some weird margins. 

   But, I have found the solution! 

   It turns out that the hplip package comes with a command called hp-setup, which can be used to configure your network printer. The tool setup the printer with the hpijs driver, but with an hp:// connection. The hp:// connection string I could not have guessed. It seems to be a combination of the printer model and other things, but it isn't explicited anywhere (that I know of). 

   Anyhow, now everything works fine. I hope this short post helps you. 

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