Arrow in the Knee: the Genesis

Joey Dumont bio photo By Joey Dumont Comment
    So my wife was re-reading the epic fantasy pentalogy The Belgariad by David Eddings [1]. It's a fantastic coming-of-age, prophecy-fulfilling, magic-filled story. Every character is fully developed and they are all thoroughly likable.

    But now to the important part. In the Queen of Sorcery book [2,p.222], originally published in 1982, it is revealed that Count Reldegen, an Asturian, is limping. This sparks the following conversation:
"What happened to your leg?" Wolf asked him.
"An arrow in the knee." The count shrugged.
Yes, that's right, an arrow in the knee!

   Now go read The Belgariad so you know why it matters that Reldegen is an Asturian.

[1] Amateurish introductory line, I know.
[2] D. Eddings. Queen of Sorcery in The Belgariad. 2002. New York: Ballantine.
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